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Links to sites I am designing.

It has always been a cherished project. An E-zine focused on information about international politics issues (but not only). The site is only at the model's stage but you can already see what it would look like.


Au coin de Majolie:
Le Coin de Majolie is a radio-show broadcasted by a community-access radio located in Evanston, IL. Majolie, the show's host, plays a variety of French songs, read poems, receives guests and I have the pleasure to be the co-host from time to time. It was my first application of Macromedia Flash. Among the features : a disk libary, a page where people can request songs or post comments directly to the host, and a forum.


Links to my online journalism

Chic Magazine :
I am proud to say that in 1996, I was among the first in Belgium to work for an Online Magzine. as my graduation was getting near, the Internet began to extend rapidly in Europe and enthusiasm was big. I saw a chance to get better acquainted with themedia and I became a trainee for Chic Magazine. Altough the magazine does not exist anymore, its content is still available on-line and you can read my articles about Romania and the music section. A translation in English will be available shortly.